Dead I Well May Be, By Adrian McKinty.

Yes, you are reading it correctly, and yes, I wrote it properly. The book is called “Dead I Well May Be,” and it’s brilliant. McKinty imbues his protagonist, Michael Forsythe, with a dark sense of humour that follows him like a loyal dog; a savage mongrel that defends him from the misery with which his companions seem infected. This Irishman is poor, violent, and cursed, but he’s also quite funny, and that makes this book more entertaining than the vast majority of other 1990’s New York City gangster novels.

Another lovely point of interest in this story is the travelling. The gangsters of “Dead I Well May Be” move from the darkest crack-dens of Harlem to the most beautiful beaches of the tropics and (unfortunately for Michael) a few places in between. This broadens the fictional world and we, as readers, journey beside our favourite characters.

One final point that must be mentioned is the narrative voice. It’s just so cheeky. As you read this story, you’ll feel as though a clever and amusing thug has just poured you a jar of something strong and he’s about to confess his most recent murder. I’ll definitely be studying McKinty’s back catalogue after this classic.

“Dead I Well May Be” By Adrian McKinty

Setting: 8/10

Characters: 7/10

Plot: 7/10

Style: 8/10

Balance: 3/5

Pace: 3/5

Total: 36/50


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