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Stillhouse Lake, The Story of a Perpetual Victim. On the surface of this deep and rippling novel, you’ll find a woman recovering from a crime that she was neither the perpetrator nor the casualty. As soon as you swim a little deeper, you’ll be submerged in a thrilling web of loathing, suspicion and revenge. This new novel (June 2017) will hook you right from the very beginning with its relatable, anxious protagonist who emerges from the wreckage of someone else’s sin with the sole purpose in life of protecting her children. Gina Royal and her kids are running, but who will be the first menacing hunter to track them down finally?
Stillhouse Lake, by Rachel Caine, is a phenomenal novel and it’s one of those very rare books that feels truly unique. Caine has managed to add a level of psychology to the text that will encourage you to evaluate your own beliefs of killers and the people whom the damage. The setting is also GREAT; nice and creepy.